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Efabgo (efabgo.com) is an online-only technology advice portal that meets every nook as well as the corner of India and foreign tech updates deliver to its users. Efabgo publishes Informative as well as insightful news, articles, critique as well as an opinion interest on a broad spectrum of topics, bringing users the whatever is in the newest technology and whichever is the next progress of tech as well and the exact findings.

The Efabgo is supported by some of the several experienced writers as well as a news and media firm with extensive expertise in incorporating national and international news across the last fifteen years. The Efabgo team is directed by an experienced editor and a skilled team of journalists, reporters, as well as dedicated editorial staff that endeavour to deliver to you to the subject coverage on a spectrum of topics.

Efabgo’s editorial strategy is based on distributing only accurate information. Story with no ratings, contempt or labels is our main employed principle. Our purpose is to become a globally certified online news resource. We aspire to be labelled as an efficient, prominent media source with a wide audience in several countries.

Jessy (Efabgo) – Editor
Jessy has a vast and extensive background in Robotics and Technology with a master’s graduation in Network Security from Chelsea. Jessy has worked with remarkable of the most immeasurable in the online media industry amidst others covering a spectrum of topics.

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Editorial Staff

Bibin Mathew
Email: bibin@efabgo.com

Bibin Matthew is an executive professional by literacy. With an environment in Marketing Management from Utrecht (the Netherlands), Bibin Matthew has over 7 years of practice with global companies. He has worked as news director and publications chief in several companies and possesses interests in results analysis and broadcasting. Because of that knowledge, he relishes reporting on the viability of technology companies as well as the entrepreneurs they run them. His chosen stories reveal how an idea can enhance a completed product, prepared for extensive use.

Helen Alfedro
Email: helen@efabgo.com

Helen has been planning and executing content for above a decade. She has broad experience improving marketing, corporate publications, and public relations elements in a variety of disciplines concerning finance, funding, human support, tourism, teaching, as well as the NGO administration. Her specialisation is composing sense of the complexities of big companies.

Merina Susan
Email: merina@efabgo.com

Merina scribbles concerning gaming technology. She follows the programming and tactics involved in building a game, Merina is well-qualified to compose about games as well as their prospect. She also has an understanding of the gaming association, its turns, and its outbursts.