Benefits of Google Shopping Ads for Ecommerce

Google Shopping is a program of Google that provides a product comparison service to the customers. For online traders, Google Shopping offers an automated advertising platform to promote its product to customers with high purchase intent directly. Digital Marketing agency in Kerala offers Google Shopping Management Services to online traders to ensure increased sales of the products while boosting profitability.

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads for Ecommerce

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads play an important role in the growth of online stores and their digital marketing strategy. Google Shopping ads appear in Google search when customers search for a product and show the foremost relevant products to their search query. Once the ad is clicked, the merchandise page of the advertisers will be displayed on the screen. It delivers key information about every product to assist customers to convert easier and more reliably. Usually, the information such as product title, price, image, reviews, and sometimes, the shipping information, would be listed in Google shopping ads.

Google Shopping Ads - Benefits for Ecommerce

Increased Product Visibility

Google Shopping ads improve the visibility of your product on Google Search. The ads come up first within the searches during a website carousel or slider for up to twenty ad positions. Google Shopping ads enhance the prospect of your ads being seen. The traffic from shopping ads can alter your online store’s marketing strategy from only building brand awareness into creating converting customers.


After creating the Google merchant accounts and merchandise feeds, the ads themselves will get automated by Google. The automated process updates the required product information directly from the merchandise feed. It interacts directly with your online store, and updates products in your store to possess the freshest information about your products. Google Shopping automatically matches suitable products to related keywords to match search queries.

Improves SEO

Google Ads can assist you to display your ads to potential customers, at the precise moment they're checking out a business like yours. It can accelerate the leads to a relatively easier way, in your business growth.

Get Quality Traffic

The retailers can use Shopping campaigns to foster the online and local inventory, boost traffic to their websites or local stores, and find better-qualified leads. For creating a better campaign in Google Ads, the retailers need to send the product data with Merchant Center to any best performing digital marketing company like Viral Mafia, which will create ads on Google and around the web where potential customers can see what the traders are selling. These are known as shopping ads and appear in various visual formats.

A Higher CTR

Google Shopping Ads, earn on average higher click through rates for products when compared to other search ads. A higher CTR reduces your ads cost in general and has the opportunity to boost your traffic with the same ad spend. Highly targeted keywords that include color, brand, or product type are search terms that customers are already conversant with, and that they might have already done their marketing research.

Targeting the proper customers at the proper time can have a positive effect on your return on ad spend and increase your overall return on investments across your business.

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