Yellow Submarine Gets a Film Restoration and 4K Remaster

Yellow Submarine is a British animated movie which is also known as The Beatles: Yellow Submarine released in the year of 1968. This film was actually inspired by the Beatles music, produced by King Features Syndicate & United Artists, and directed by George Dunning who is a popular animation producer. At that time, this movie received both good comments and critics from the audiences. Now, it has been over half a century after the release of this film but still it is considered as the milestone of animation.

Restoration of Yellow Submarine:

During the release of this film in 1968, all the band members of the movie were only creatively involved in the production in order to offer the highly influential result. Thus, it has still been a surreal, pioneering and visually stunning movie. It was filled with the team’s greatest personality, trademark humor along with the classic Beatles songs. 

The songs which were getting popular at that time include Eleanor Rigby, Lennon-McCartne song, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, and when I’m sixty four songs. The creators were using exclusive hand drawn splotches and rotoscoping of paint to make dancing characters. Now, the fans of this Yellow Submarine movie is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the film and planning for the 4K version restoration.

While restored in the form of 4K version, it is remixed with 5.1 stereo sound quality. At the end of 2020, it restored Yellow Submarine film will be released in theatres by Apple Corps and Abramorama. It is also released in Universal Music Group. Eque Inc and Triage Motion Picture Services have taken a charge of doing this 4K restoration process with the management of the specialist film preservation professional named Paul Rutan Jr and his team. 

The songs of the movie are remixed by the sound engineer Peter Cobbin at UMG’s Abbey Road Studios. The technicians are facing a very big challenge in retaining the original look and palette of the movie as all characters are hand drawn. For this purpose, they are using the top end animation process in order to provide the same originality but with the 4K resolution.

More things to know about 4K restoration

  • In 2012, the Blu-ray release of the Yellow Submarine 4K restoration was already shown in the theatres.
  • Now, the film makers are planning to restore the movie in 4K resolution by hand for CD and DVD formats.
  • Even though this movie had already been released in DVD format and songs in CD format, currently Apple announced to reissue the same for its 50th anniversary.

The film has different types of investigational animation techniques including watercolour, free form, animation of still photos, hand drawn rotoscoping, traditional cell animation and also array of scotch tape for making the Kaleidoscopic effect. There are also some considerable mistakes and errors available in a few scenes. The animation directors and other technicians are currently busy on the process of correcting such mistakes and provide the same feel of traditional animation in 4K high quality picture resolution by the movie restoration.


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