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Online innovations have created platforms where people can share useful information about products and services. However, businesses turn to paid reviewers that only provide biased feedback that shows the brand in a positive light. It’s not often that you come across a platform where you can access honest testimonials for sound decision making.
Friendspire is an app where users can find reliable reviews from trustworthy people like your friends across restaurants, podcasts, books, TV shows, movies, bars, and clubs. Once you download the app you can get your buddies on it to share your favourite options when it comes to eating, watching, and drinking.

About Friendspire

Friendspire is a tech company based on Miami and was launched in 2018 by close pals Morten Schroeder and Markus Straarup. The app aims at providing a social platform where people can share their personal favourite restaurants, podcasts, TV shows, movies, books, bars, and clubs.
Friendspire gives you a seamless resource for great recommendations since you’re communicating with people on a personal level. To increase television and movie databases, the company has a partnership with JustWatch after the creation of an advanced application program interface (API).
With this collaboration, you’ll know the trending movies and shows on Hulu, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO, Netflix, and Prime Video. While relying on accurate streaming data for thrilling entertainment, this feature gives the user a larger pool of recommendations.
What’s more, Friendspire is now available in various languages since it’s now accessible from 38 countries including Denmark, the U.K, and the U.S. Look out for Friendspire innovation as the company strives to grow the recommendations while maintaining a strong reputation.
Friendspire is available with Android, iOS, and website compatibility.

Friendspire Main Features:

Friendspire aims at creating a community where friends can inspire each other while building their entertainment collection. To achieve this, the app should be simple to use and engaging, so that the users have a great experience.
  • Explore
Explore is the most interesting Friendspire feature as it has a curated list of recommendations depending on what your buddies suggest, your preferences, and location. Movie night has never been this good!
  • Search
The search option allows you to conveniently find a specific movie, book, podcast, restaurant, television show, bar, or club.
  • Feed
With feed, you can search what your pals are reviewing to determine whether or not you’re interested in including it in your library. Here you can also get recommendations from friends.
  • Profile
How else would you keep track of your general history while using Friendspire than with your profile? Here you get to view your library that comprises of stuff you’ve saved or classified as a favourite.
  • Other features
Friendspire allows you to rate items and build a library of what you prefer in your favourites section. Also, you can save things for future use, so they are handy.
Besides being able to share your recommendations with buddies, you can also follow amazing tastemakers with inspirational suggestions.

Why Use Friendspire

The increase in online presence has led to many generic review sites that offer dry, false, and confusing information. Friendspire is here to remove all the doubt when making entertainment, food, and drinks selections.
  • Trustworthy reviews
In Friendspire you’ll be interacting with people you trust, so you know the recommendations they offer are genuine. Since you have a personal relationship with reviewers, you can rely on the information you get.
  • Ease of use
Friendspire is the app to have since it has a simple interface that you can navigate easily to save your favourites and you can bookmark them.
  • Limited is better
There are plenty of online reviews out there, but determining which one is honest can be difficult since it’s information from people you don’t know. Also, these online reviews can sometimes be too many making it challenging to sift through each one.
Friendspire provides a lesser pool of reviewers but all the information available in useful. As such, you can depend on the feedback to select the best entertainment options available.
  • Excellent options
Friendspire recognizes the need for exciting options when picking drinks, food, or entertainment. For the best lifestyle and a good time, you can visit the “Best Of” section for thrilling insight. Here you’ll find memorable items that include films featuring legendries, TV shows with iconic places, etc.
Although the platform will only have 30 or so reviewers, this number is not limited to incredible recommendations.

The Take: Is Friendspire Worth It?

Cut through the online noise by listening to friends about entertainment and lifestyle recommendations instead of complete strangers. You can create a unique library of your favourite restaurants, movie, television shows, books, podcasts, bars, and clubs. You can also bookmark these items, so they’re at your fingertips throughout.
With these benefits, the innovative features, and a simple interface, Friendspire should be your movie night app during this Covid-19 period. It offers a variety of amazing entertainment and lifestyle options to keep you occupied throughout your indoor stay!

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