Recover Bert and Bedlam Google Algorithm Update November 2019 Like a Pro

Google recently in the month of November 2019 released an Algorithm called Bert and a local update Bedlam. Have you recovered your website from the same? People are running business websites, event websites, review websites and enormous niche websites and blogs. Google already demanded a couple of years ago, - Content is the King and you should follow the king's path. However, the years later, a core update of content that users love as Google loves, which is ruling now. Google started following the Bert update to make the user receive what they love to read from their search.

What's special in Bedlam update then? Got any idea concerning the same. Many websites have been hit by this local google algorithm update. The panda, penguin, rank brain, now the Bert and Bedlam, everything is rolling out. Are you confused about how to manage your website under these circumstances? No need to get worried. Just think and do the updates in simple.

Recover Bert Bedlam Algorithm

Recover websites and blogs from Bert and Bedlam update in a simple

November 2019 Google Algorithm update kicked away from search results with poor quality content as well with language issues. Even though, the page speed, Backlinks from paid links, everything the factors behind these updates.

As I'm already stated what the issue is, so, now the things made it easier right? How to make it simple to recover from this update is the next thing you need to consider.

  1. For improving the speed of the website, usually, the speed effect will impact on WordPress sites. In those, the Lazy load image WordPress plugin will help you to solve the issue. If you are using HTML websites, then try to minimize the java scripts, move the unwanted homepage maps as well as reduce the pixels of the image to make the performance much better.
  2. Concerning the language - As you are felt with many extensions nowadays for writing content. There were free and premium tools that will help you to make your content more lovely and surprising. Improve the content by managing a high DA PA external link and recently or a couple of months ago published related content inside as internal link with more than 1000+ word page will be more beneficial. However, make the user spend time on your website will lower the bounce rate by proving quality content will be an idea to overcome this. Even though, while writing the articles, with the help of Grammarly tool will help you in a better way.
  3. Depending on the unwanted URL is yet another approach of removing an unwanted link that doesn't match your niche. If the URLs somehow match it, try to update the contents instead of de-indexing it, using the webmaster search console tool.
  4. Finding the expert SEO solution will be another way to get away from this in a simple manner. There were SEO companies in your city to help you with this. Go with those values the services more than the money and guide you with a simple solution. Even the SEO Company that you were approaching also provides the developers, it will be easier enough to handle what mentioned in point 1.

What not to be done once you hit by Google Algorithm update

  • Never try to hire a content writer simply who really not aware of providing you with quality content.
  • Don't try to update the plugins or add simply the plugins that a non-trusted article provides you.
  • Never try to stuff the keywords
  • Never use a template or theme which disturbs the use which leaves the website in seconds.
  • Never focuses on Pop up ads that disturb the users to hate the website.

Final Verdict-

Got any queries if you find more than this or need more clarity about this article, get in touch with our comment box.


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