Top Safe Killer SEO Tricks (Safe Back-links)

Killer SEO..!!
Basically Its Proclaims as the Right Hand of Traffics towards webs.But commonly,Killer wording and detailed description always feels guilty among young bloggers.However i will figure out in few words.
Killer SEO Includes :

  • Keyword Selection
  • Commenting
  • Guest Posting
  • Social Sharing
  • Non-Spamming 
  • Journal Publishing
  • Ads Promotion
These are the basic thing I've to make a discussion today and i will tell it in clean and clear way to tackle easy traffic to blogs.

  • Keyword Selection : Its not always easy to tackle search result in first page of Google adsense as ours.But,if we are selecting a Niche,with Proper keyword;
Example: Best blog tricks, if you search on Google ,it won't be famous,because it a new website in directory of Google..but other search crawlers easily tackle this in search result as NO.1 so provide better keyword while making posts as well as taking website name also.Also do back linking with network to enhance more search result.

  • Commenting: Comment with spamming will report by website owner will provides false impressions towards other about your if you were done above SEO also.So,comment only on about the posts and  also in proper wordings,also note that ,try to comment on search resulted websites in Google pages.
  • Guest posting : This is a NO.1 idea to boost up your website rank and can easily make your blog reputation as well conditions.So,tackle the guest post web and track with clear posting on their web,that is unaware with all.If that make sense,you post will publishes with your blogs tail threads on it.
  • Social sharing: while sharing posts socially,you must hide the post somewhat thrilling,So that you should provide it with shorteners..,at a time,shorteners pays you also.
  • Non-Spamming: Spamming is a negative way to block the web completely by adsense agencies.Because website crawling cant be easily made by these worm spams.SO,try to avoid illegal spamming and follow this Non-Spamming Techniques to gain money.
  • Journal Publishing: Writing an article over E-book or as a freelancer will help you to promote your website reputation to a powerful source and then you can thread you web link to other webs,if they made a search result in better positions
  • Ads promotion Via Social networks will help you to promote your webs attentions to other more easily.
Example: if you are promoting an Amazon product in your web(Not a contextual ads) with some offers given on webs will attain and tackle the mind of both buyers as well as promoters.So,this generates better traffic,if you for the same.


Now You can Provide your queries below,Because as said above commenting also makes a way to baclinking towards your websites. 


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