How Yahoo Adsense Submission Generate Fake and Bot Traffic

Note: This can't be Under any of my posts labels,.But I'm here to share as under my posts labels,about the truth behind in yahoo form submissions.
This Techniques are mainly generated by bloggers who gets rejected from Google Adsense and while they Seeks for yahoo Adsense ads. 
As the Configuration made By Bing and Yahoo Ads on A single platform changed the scenario to held on this problems.

We know that is the company where we have to submit yahoo ads application.However,many of high website traffic holders may not check their daily traffic rates and all.but as we go for our submission at an instant we will provide 300+ traffic from United states of America from Their Traffic Generator Tools.
Its kind of Hand joining towards yahoo.Because to place an Ads from yahoo.Webmaster requires a day traffic about 400+ daily.Else they wont get mingled with our sites.

How to get approved by Google Adsense within one Hour

How Becoming Bots Generated Traffic site.??

Like as said above,the blog evasion made by Google bring the users to make bots generator in not a mistake done by Google Adsense, Its commonly self mistake made by Users without Checking Google policies over this scenario.

Hence what they do is that.
Just login to and submit Form continuously for about many times.Each time submission will tends to generate a multiplication of x*300+

How to Generate Blogs traffic While Sleeping

Problems Arrives Due To This Phenomenon:

  • Instant Generation In Alexa rank will tends other than Google/yahoo implemented Contextual ads shows a removal from Your blogs/websites.
  • Page rank Tends to make a drop.
  • As page rank drop,current traffic also tends to loose.


So,never try to Use yahoo submission on media partners net with a seek to generate a bot traffic tool and never try a bots

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