How to Multiply Google Adsense Revenue on YouTube

In the Post  How to get Approved By Google Adsense within One Hour , Sounds like much priceless gift by Google. In Spite of this,We need better Viewers from Outside of Home Country,If conversion takes place by minimum of 100+ viewers per day, revenue rate will also changes in the same manner.

Different Continental Viewers Tracks with better revenue.
Example: If you are an Asian,Visitors from European Continent will makes better profit.
               If you are an African, Visitors from Australian Continent will do the same.
               If you are an American,Visitors from Asian Continent will do for the same.

Basically,far away viewers drives better earnings,to your each monetized videos on YouTube.Moreover You might have to notice that,Skip Away ads generates better earning From YouTube.

So,You should be careful while setting your Ads Monetization after you get accessed an account with Google Adsense as explained in Previous Post ( How To Get Approved By Google Adsense ).

Follow These Tricks To Get More Revenue:

  • Try to Make Subscription Over at New You Tube Videos,Having low Subscription rate.,This will tends them to force your videos to get viewed.
  • Try to make Proper Comment and suggestion,...Questionnaire comments basically provide a back links from that visitors .Because,Integration of YouTube connected with Google plus account will tries to share their post on your video on Google Plus.If they have strong followers.It will helps you to Get Instant Traffic and Help Revenue to boost up per click or a skip.
  • Try not to comment with links,Hence those linked videos gets flagged by strangers who were looking for trap.
  • Try to make Linked With Strong Followers,by following them on Google Plus.
  • Try Not To share Via LinkedIn and Try Not to make a Tweet without tag with Followings.Hence reputation will increase with each followings tags linking.


Better,try to figure out with best ever video,which should makes some HD interface,and little bit different which tackle mind of each viewers.
Lets drop some queries below.

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