How to Make Huge Money From Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever stumbled upon with affiliate marketing on your blogs using flipkart ..??
We always feels with online store for buy and sell on Flipkart..But many of them doesn't knows how to make money using affiliate program on Flipkart. 

Mostly people are getting disappointing by Google Adsense search for affiliate program for blogs/website to make their website/blogs success in another ways.So,they seek for affiliate technique which best suites their blogs conversions and reputations.

As we all Know That Flipkart is a very Attractive and Popular online mart.However,its a place for webmasters to tackle their commissions as well by placing affiliate ads on their websites/blogs.Basically,anybody can place affiliate ads on website.But picking best Fits the range of our commission to double what other pick something through our ads.

There are many materials available in this store, In order to get Much higher Commission  We must Place Below affiliate ads o our website.Because apart from other ads these ads shows much higher percentage results on them.

  • eBook- 15% commission
  • Toys-12% Commission
  • Beauty Products-10% commission
  • Watches-10% Commission
  • Sunglasses-10% Commission
  • Footwear-10% Commission
  • Baby Products-10% Commission

How To Enter Into Flipkart Affiliate Program

                                                          Login Here.

Then You were referred to register counter.Over there.You are requested to fill the mandatory details and ask you about your referrer.If you Ask so:

Enter : "touchme4f"

The reason is that.,It will Link us and if you make any customer or i'm making any customer commission rate ,it will tries to give us at equal rate means..As said above if your link is clicked and order from any other person.For example an E-book.You will get 15%.At a time.I'll get the same.If My ads are being clicked and purchased,You also get the same.

So try to place this refer id or track id as "touchme4f"
Select the banner from the Left side corners that suites with your website.


Don't worry about unusual clicks as on contextual ads.You can also buy something using this id and make your money on your pocket itself.So,enjoy with Flipkart affiliate money making policies. 


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