5 Top Best Dirty SEO Google Bots (Bots Tricks That Google Don'ts)

We play with as many tricks with our websites/blogs to get raised our page rank by multiplying traffic generation to our blogs.In fact we go for hacking tricks like bots play on our websites,by roaming around the web for fast SEO tricks,but certain most of them are banned by Google adsense. hence we get banned from Google directory.

Why we build websites/blogs.?
To earn online money.so we rush behind quality tricks as well as bad traffic tricks.But most certainly many of them don't know what is bad tricks.
Here are some Google don'ts in SEO.

  • Duplicate Content
As a beginner many of them don't know what is blogging,most commonly all are like this.Its because of lack of online reading.However,if we touched with dropping of website by Google adsense,.we try to seek for queries.why rejected and all.So,bloggers provide relevant info.Conversely, Duplicate Contents also plays a bad effect in SEO don'ts by Google.Copy pasting huge amount of texts in a single post are easily tackled by the Google spiders and report as bots content,so they easily banned by the website in primary confirmation itself, if they were having huge traffic also.

  • Improper Keyword Selection
Maintaining better keyword will attract visitors to your websites easily,moreover so that if we meta tag with improper keyword will also drives high traffic,but it will easily crawl it as error and reports bad server error will get easily banned by Google directory.So maintain,keyword what you navigate for the same blog.

  • Link Exchanging
We usually exchange link in proper SEO by commenting on related blogs,guest posts and all.But,to drive more traffic many of exchange link them in spamming work.so that,crawlers in report as the blog is not working and website/blog drop your page ranks to low level in this cases and get banned by Google.

  • Title Stacking
Sounds unfriendly is it..It commonly know by adding extra <title> tags for more keywords and it won't get liked by the Google's Mind.Single title per each page should be maintained and it wont make any problem with Google adsense.

  • Text Hiding
Hiding text by hiding keywords by making the background color for the same as the same font color will tends to keyword stuffing,but you will easily cached by Google spiders on this creatives and sites get banned.


Why we rush behind unsafe tricks by black hat works and hiding our page from Google's directory.so try to tackle our safe SEO  tricks over at Bestblogtricks

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