How To Get Approved Google Adsense Within 1 Hour

Well..It's a hard task to get approved by Google adsense, Basically It more harder to get approved for Asian Countries. Most of them believes that blogging is a best platform to earn money and many of them drops this blogging,even if they are being rejected by Google adsense.

Even Now Google giving us another way to get approved by adsense. Its basically through YouTube.Many of them Think.But How??

By Luck,Many of them gets Partially approved by adsense. But due to Low traffic and Low page ranking or ranking values,they get easily drop from adsense account.

Here are some tricks to get approved adsense via YouTube partnership.

  • Create a New Account in Gmail.
  • Login to YouTube Via Newly created account.
  • Go to Video Manager at Right Top of Your Profile.

  • In Video Manager Click Channel Setting  and in That Click Monetization.
  • In Monetization Click Enable Button.

  • Click I Accept For Terms Of service.
  • Then Click Go it.
  • After You will Provide an email from YouTube partners that Your Account is ready for Monetization and You can Upload a Proper Unique Video Which is Not Copied From YouTube.
  • Follow the Image steps Over there and more over you should be sure that you have been set with tags and proper description on your video.
  • Upload the video and publish,then monetize your video see images.

  • Go to the above link and Click Next Button Over There.
  • Click yes to proceed for the Below Image Given.

  • You will again ask for a sign in,via same email and password.
  • Click Continue and Fill up the Form given over there.
  • Adsense will get approved with in one hour.

How to Apply it into Your Blog.

  • Sign in to your new adsense account.
  • Go to account settings.
  • Scroll down to bottom to see an invite option,enter your email id of blogger account and make an invite.By Minutes Your adsense will get approved for blogs.

  • After getting aproved follow below steps.

Steps To be Followed By a Custom Domain Blog.

  • Login to adsense account.
  • Click Account setting.
  • In the "Access to Authorization" Section,Next to "Only Hosted sites are allowed to show ads for your account",click edit.
  • On the "Show ads on other websites" pages that appears,enter the url of the site where you should place your ads. 

  • Enter Submit.
  • Implement adsense code on your site and enjoy with Google adsesnse earnings.


You should always,give much care in maintaining minimum traffic to this web,because you are now made an agreement via YouTube account also on your web. For more queries Drop your comments below.

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