How Social Network Can Drive Maximum traffic.??

As soon you see this post,I'm sure you won't Tap it out to Read for a moment.Since many of you guys don't know the hidden tricks behind this social networks,in what all ways they can drive blog/website traffic at the most.We know that since there are uncountable social networking reaching us day by day.Here I'm Only telling you the few 3.
i.e., Only About Twitter,Facebook and About Google Plus.
Basically These social Networks are spreading day by day around the world,like an addiction with drug.Moreover reason behind it is : a keep in touch with our Family,Friends and more (like Business actions too.). Here,a Blogger typically committed with a business purpose,trusts beyond these social networks.
So that,We trust friends to promote our website followers in Facebook.Followers in Google Plus.Twitter Followers as our promoters for re-tweets.
However,they even look for our post in common sense.


These are some techniques to achieve more followers to Blogs:

In Facebook :

  • * Tag you Friend in Strong Mind Tracking Posts.
  • * Give Some Rewards to Promote our Posts.
  • * Make Them as Our Page Promoters.( So Notification Disturbs them to have a look)
  • * Ask Them to Invite Their Friends.
  • * Maintain Your Profile Link Connection With Basic Page.
  • * Maximize Post Quality and maintain Rich Content.
  • * Make Their Work/Jobs In profile as Our Page.
  • * Give proper response for Comment.
  • * Maximize Sharing Followers rather than like Followers.
  • * Maintain Pop up Button in each Blogs post.

In Google Plus:
  • * Follow Only users who give responses.
  • * Give proper response for each post.So that it pop up again on Google plus wall nicely.
  • * Tries to maintain commenting on Google plus Following users post.So they tries to make a re-follow     back to us.
  • * Tries to attain foreign users  as our followers. 
  • * Try to Link our friends,followers,Acquaintance,Family..etc (with tags),in each post,what you were       sharing.
  • * Don't try to make/buy followers,Because they will give only fake traffic to our blogs.
  • * Achieve better response with newbies.

In twitter:
  • * Avoid Fake Followers.
  • * Try To make maximum Tweets.
  • * Make Facebook Integration with twitter.
  • * Try to maintain # tag tweets while publishing posts.
  • * Maintain rich title for each posts.
  • * Try to maintain Maximum Favorites, if you are not interested also.(helps your tweets to have a look     by those users.)


Since,I don't know whether all of you guys,achieved these tricks or not.However i think its pretty mcuh helpful to those who were not familiar with this techniques.

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