How Blog Stats Gadget or Plugin Presence Effects Website/Blogs

Getting Weird of describing the fact about limited plugins in blogging makes sense when times are even fluctuates away.But Its makes nous when we are unable to touched with some important facts about plugins.

Today we are discussing about one of the plugin that blogs are being used/to be used/never to be used.
Sounds like funny..Nah??

Like coins,Each and every things have quite some advantages and even more advantages in this world.But,it makes brilliant when we makes sense on it.

When we Import that gadget in our top of page will easily tracks the mind of visitors.Hence these phenomenon is basically new to kid bloggers and new bloggers. they surely makes a refers to check whether the plugin changes or not.

So they will makes some study over it and again visits your page for it a screenshot,Predominantly.,this transforms a problem while your traffic increases at a time your bounce rate tends to decrease,.

Bounce rates increases when a visitor from a country keeps tracking other pages to other and keep on reading the data(while we uses read more.. option as a thread for that post).

                               How to Decrease bounce rate for websites and increase SEO Rate

This Blog stats are commonly used by group of bloggers when working on a single blogs,Because,this need not have a sign up to view the stats rate of website traffic.hence just tap out website URL and can calculate easily the day by day traffic.

Better You read How Bounce rate problem can be resolved while if we makes plugins of this types.

How we Install This in Blogger

Go to>Sign In> Layout> Add a Gadget> Blog Stats> Select Style>OK.

The different style of format we were choosing also enhances and motivates the website traffic count rate.More over choosing the plane stats count is better in increasing the traffic range for blogs.


You might have thinks this as a silly post but it makes knowledge when you read about ''how to decrease bounce rate for websites''.
So give us some valuable thoughts down here.

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