Best Related Plugin For Blogger Blogs and WordPress Blogs

In the Earlier Post about problem creating by Bounce Rate and how it can be easily detected can be explained for you .If You are not aware this Please Have a Look This before you install this plugins.

Basically,we have already discussed in the previous posts.However,I already said in that,Post which shows Image Plugins will only tackle the mind of readers rather installing colored type CSS/JQUERY style format by editing and pasting inside your blogger templates.

Problems In Installing in These Plugins are :
  • Plugin Will Vanishes,If we Installs inside templates design.
  • It will slows Down Your Website Speed.Hence visitors will not make a visit over,by his problems.
  • Due to lack of traffic Adsense Revenue comes down.
So,I'm offering you the basic related plugin,that always fits your website,even when you changes your website template in future period.

Basic 2 Important Plugin For Blogger Blog and Blogs Like Wordpress, and more..

1. OutBrain.

  Click Here to Access widget.

2. LinkWithin

Click Here to access Widget.

There is no need to sign up necessary in LinkWithin and Outbrain need one minute sign up to get easy access widget your blogs/website.

After You  enter your details over this.You get easily access a direct installation plugin for Website for which platform you were hosted in.


Don't be get cheated by other plugins,that decreases your traffic range and protect you from yours by installing this small suggestion from me and allowed your mindful comments over here.Hence we are not blaming other plugins.,But reminding you that i slows your traffic that's all...!!!

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