How Adfly Decrease Website Traffic

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You Might Have Noticed in the above post about a Link : "". In Order to make quick money,many of us including me runs behind what ever heard from others as soon as to reach our destination.Rather than each Positive thoughts or side are having somewhat Negative hidden somewhere. Now I'm going to correct this error and supports you to better making Traffic to your website and better earning through each links.
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The bloggers Hope For The Better Results always.For the better result website traffic is a pointed link inside the webs. In order to start money at the day-1 itself many of them starts with these Adfly options.
But these are CPM based networks and only few earnings drives to your account after each sharing. But if you are holding with better followers it might get resulted with better results and its commonly based on the Niche what you were selected Initially.Better Niche Provide better search results and better traffics and better contextual ads earnings also.

If you starts with link building networks which starts your earnings at the day-1 itself delivers you sick traffic.because these links only you can share over through social network media's like Facebook,Google+. LinkedIn, Twitter and many more now existing.

At the Link Shrinking Networks they aims to hide the content from others and to build traffics.But as soon as the visitors click over the links it wont get redirected soon to the destination rather than it holds for a 5 seconds.This delivers earnings to you at one side.
Links like is safe here,  because it wont transmits or redirects to another links or advertisements because it wont showing double the impressions like "".


This is just a suggestion and opinion what I've researched while i redirecting these kind of shrinking facilities. It wont effects all the time,but if you are redirecting with your link over the social networks for daily traffics and better page might cause to get transferred to other parts.So you might got my points .
Drop your Comments as suggestions or Better solutions. 

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