Whats the Importance of Providing 'Labels' in Blogging Platform

 Tough to be astonished by a Google adsense for getting a contextual ads on our web as per  Google adsense policy program  .,

In order start our own earnings.Its not their problem that we are not getting their Ads to display.
Since many of them starts their blogging career as an aim of easy money. Each job has its own Risk is it.

You might Have heard this proverb:
Blame workers always blames their tools 
Each and every individual aim is to make money and profits without sweating.but Blogging is entirely different.As far our main assignment for making a blog/website is in choosing its "Niche".

Each "Niche" stands with different,based upon its Contextual ads get displayed and have to continue the posts based on a particular Topic. If your Topic were different day by day in each and every posts,your traffic will badly affected and Show variation in Google page rank each month.

The main Traffic Holding for a website is based on "Navigation bar", what you were setting inside Your website/blog. Such that a viewer can easily figure out,what type of website is yours and how it helpful to them.
Navigation Bars can be easily get establishes with Labels that you were providing over each posts.

How to assemble Labels over blog posts, Have a look on the below image for an example.

Set up :
  • Go to Blogger > New Post > At the right side bar of New post you can see Option "Labels"
  • Enter the Topic Related Keyword over There:
Example : If you are making a post about Latest iPhone Review .You can Enter the Labels as iPhone or Review
  • After enter your Keyword tap over "Done" button.
Continue with Your Post and Publish it.

How to set up Navigation Bar :

Pick up Best Template For the Platform You were Provided with.(Example : Blogger/WordPress,..etc)
Most probably now a days templates have in built navigation bar.
Look over the below Image as an Example(Imagine this as Navigation Bar In Your website): 

How to Modify with this your Keyword :
Got to Blogger > Template > Edit TemplateCTR + F > (If you want to change your keyword instead of Keyword Here "Gallery"
After when you Press CTR+F , a small search box appears . In that You can change the Labels Name with Your Keyword,instead of Gallery.

How that Html Code looks Like : 
<li><a href = '#'>Gallery</a></li>
Now You can Open You website in another Tab and you can see the Keyword you Might Entered at any side of the website in name as "labels" or "category"
Click over the keyword.Your Website will opens with labels under what post you have made it.
Don't open the post. Before that Copy the Html code and Come back to the Editing Area of your Template and Replace The Copied URL with # Tag in that Code.

Conclusion :

Hope you Might Like This,You can Easily Apply This Facility in Your Blogger Platform.and from this you can add a sufficient data that is wanted as per  Google adsense policy.
Drop Your Responses Below.

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