How Paid Hosting and Free Hosting Effects Website Traffic ??

Obviously the main emphasis of this moderation's depends upon changes made for the same and varies with different cases,Moreover its reality for many and None for others.

Lets have a look into this,How this happens and How can we escape from this.
How .com's and Free domains effect website traffic to certain Limits.

As a beginner into blogging,many of them trusts free blogging platforms and choose domains like , and many more other,however there is problem hiding always when you were thinking how the traffic getting down and some are getting high traffic with blogging.

Commonly the people(individual/company) were getting success based on the source were social sharing networks supports them truly. Even though as an individual success based on whether his contents were :
  • Fresh (i.e,  not copyright-ed).
  • Better Language and Provided with Google Translator or any.
  • Provided better wording in short listed form,that can tackle readers mind.
  • Posts daily.
  • Should be aware what they were unveiling before the public and give proper response at proper timing.

How .com's Differentiate visitors mind over Free domains ??

In .com's , the visitors are usually unaware,so that they wish to make a look over there, Unlike in free domains as mentioned above doesn't make any close attraction over it .
 For example : If am holding website like and earlier I'm holding ,here people mostly attract the keyword 'example' over the search so that it comes first rather typing long URL.

Generally, mind tackling names to be preferred as URL for each Niche your were picking for your websites,as short as possible.
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Tips to Increase Free Hosting Traffic :

  • Starts with better Planning.
  • Connects over all the social networking.
  • Maximize Visitors daily,by Increasing Rich Contents.
  • Try to make Guest posts.
  • Try to visit other sites and make proper response over their site without spamming.
  • Maintain better approach with Good readers.
  • Tackle the mind of visitors by giving them proper response at the right periods.


However,the value of free Hosting doesn't meets any bad feeling to users if the contents stands Rich.
Hope you tries to drop your comments below as your responses.

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