How Google's Product Forums Drive Taffics to Blogs

Lack of Traffic is the main reason for the reason what many of us are dropping Blogging.Meanwhile the tricks are the basic platforms for a blogger to stay alive with enormous blogs. In order to get stay safe with Good blog Needs of Better Niche  also plays an important role in that.

While turning into a blog master we need some skills in blogging and how they achieve maximum profits to each and every individual for the survival in this field.
Even more many of us doesn't understand without best guidance. Google's product forums helps you to get ride all your problems and helps to survive with best blogging...

We all know that social networks have major role in driving traffic to our webs.Here the combined social networks take actions with forums.

Do you Know How this works.??

We all know that how Forums helps to drive our page rank of website to higher rate Meanwhile many of hidden tricky tasks are in this.Like i said above,The social network like Google plus works over this platform for supporting traffic to our blogs.
In simple steps :Have a look >>

  • Login with Gmail account or blogger account in a Tab.
  • In Another tab.give url as 
  • Here your discussions based on Category 
  • For Example : Click here 
  • The above topic is related with blogger (Doubts Related). Such that as an initiator you can ask questions and give to others questions also.
  • The topic related based on category you were selecting.
  • Since its connected with Google plus account.If you were able to provide best answer for each bloggers question.They will seek your Google profile and you were able get more followers on it.
  • Increase of followers will increase the star rate of blog and your blogs were bookmarked easily.
  • This help you to Increase visitors on the other hand while you sharing posts over the Google  The genuine visitors and paid visitors have many differences, Because genuine visitors in 100 ones 90 will be stay updated that your blogs will shares,likes,comments get featured over Google plus and increase website visitors.
  • If the post you given rates best star rating will raise to high level in Google search and your page rank get leveled as one.
  • However,due to this Web visitors will get enormous and High Revenue ads can be displayed from contextual adsense parties.
Note:Violating this forums is against google policies and you might banned from Google plus for 14 days.even you cant display post,cant comment on others posts and this might decreases visitors attention over your blogs. Main reason this banning purpose is based on while you comment on other posts with your blogs url. and making anti spamming activities. its against Google's privacy and terms of conditions.


 Hope you might understand what i have been mentioned above and you can drop your comments and suggestion over below .

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