How a Better Blog Niche to be selected

Peoples mostly youngsters enters into the field of blogging without preparing and without knowing anything. so that most of them starts with free blogs.
So that they were safe and don't loose their pocket money's.

However you don't want to worry again.Here are some Niche's that you can apply and how your revenue comes to you can be find out before while you choose up for a Niche.

  2. Internet Marketing
  3. Health
  4. Beauty 
  5. Review
  6. Games
  7. Travel
  8. Technology
  9. Automobile
  10. Exam results
  11. Jobs 
  12. Sports
The above listed are some the area's where most of the people gets interested.However Many of you won't tackle how these effects your Earnings,Traffic,Affiliate and more...
Choosing a better Includes many more let my review resulted for the above Niche Like this.

Downloads- This enables you with superior traffic,Negative  ( No )affiliate,Low Adsense alteration.

Internet Marketing- This usually provide Least traffic,Very high alteration in Affiliate and  an ordinary                  Adsense result.

Health- Huge traffic,Better High Affiliate and Results in Huge Adsense ability.

Beauty- High traffic,Better Adsense earnings and Good affiliate openings.

Review- Superior traffic, better Adsense and affiliate.

Games-  Reasonable traffic,better Adsense and low affiliate.

Travel- Considerable traffic,High affiliate as well as Adsense results.

Technology- Reasonable traffic,High Affiliate and considerable Adsense alteration.

Automobile-  Massive traffic,Moderate affiliate and better Adsense outsource.

Exam Results- High traffic,Low Adsense alteration and better affiliate.

Jobs- High traffic ,better alteration with Adsense as well as affiliate programs.

Sports- Considerable Traffic, low affiliate and better Adsense outcome.

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Conclusion :

This is just a review about,what i had experience in my blogging career and it varies with your alterations made on your webs and depends upon how you drive traffic to your webs..If you might also experienced with any of the listed above. better you can drop your comments as suggestions as better knowledge for youngsters.

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