How Advertisements Decrease Website Traffic and Page Rank

It Sounds like different nah??
But this is True.
Many of the Advertising based networks now a days running If it is mainly effect for CPM publishers (we the  publishers) effects this.

Their aim is to promote their company at a time to increase their Traffic to their Networks,such that Advertisers pays them and Increase their profits.
But our Problem is quite apart from this.

How CPM based Network Will Decreases Website Traffic??

You Might have Noticed How To Double Up Earning with Infolinks ( CPM based Network).In that I've figured out about 4 different optimizations.

However, if the Contextual based networks always figure outs with a Live ads,such that Live ads always open in new window.At a time while we are using CPM based network  over our website as InTag or InTexts ,there can't see any openings of New Windows and also they will hide our Website/blog by making an open in same Tab will leads your Website visitors to Slow their visits.

In this case, the visitors most probably will not make a Bookmaking your sites.But the possibility is that,If Your contents makes a stronger blow over the visitors mind,that will makes a mind tackling to your visitors.

How to Get Ride to Increase Traffic??

Tips : 
  • Use Better Keywords.
  • Use Proper Contents.
  • Try not to make copied contents.
  • Use Mind freaky proper wordings.
  • Provide website with Google Translators.

Conclusion :

This is just a Review about why our network contents lost its page and why advertisement makes your website Traffic to low rate.
So,try not to Focus on High income by Including High amounts of advertisements(attractive banners) over the web.Simple advertisement setting will not leads your website Traffic Down.
  • Make sure, advertisements to be displayed over proper positions.
  • Avoid pop-up ads.
  • Avoid contextual ads(some what like Google adsense hates).
  • Try to avoid Advertisements that attracts our visitors rather than our websites.
  • Avoid bot traffic receiving Traffic,(this will leads your website gets hated by Contextual advetising companies).  
  • Always Concentrate on Google adsense, However they provide better publishing facilities.

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