5 Minutes to Forward Domain From Godaddy.com to Blogger.com

Support of others are getting freak out,Moreover self tricky exercise is better than holding a third party's help.Here are some simple Trick or rather Tips to forward your domain by yourself without seeking anybody's hand.
Many of them are kept a touched with free hosting and paid hosting.
You better Read This :

In Meanwhile time,Here we are going to figure out some easy tricks without using any complicated tutorials or videos that will confuse you in domain forwarding.

  • Login to your Both Blogger account and Go-daddy account in 2 tabs.
  • In Blogger > Settings >Blog Address (say, example is your blog name and you will be able to see www.example.blogspot.com , Below that you can see Custom Domain settings.
  • Type your purchased domain in that search
  • If you are not already Purchased : Click here  
  • We only need to concentrate on C name and A host.
  • When you login at godaddy. click over the domains example : www.example.com is your domain click over the purchased domain. However you will be able to see Domain details like settings,DNS file zone and Contacts.
  • Click over Dns file Zone. Here you can see C Name and A host.
  • At C Name Portion at bottom you can see "www" over Host and many others above "delete" all other data's at C Name on Over options (Host and Points to )except "www" 
  • At first in advance search setting,You are asked to Type your Domain name .is it? while you submit your purchased domain over there.You will provide 2 C Name paste that exactly over C Name boxes .Like , www and ghs at Host and other 2 corresponds to their points to.
  • In A host you can see '@' in Host and an IP address corresponds to .
  • We need 4 IP address corresponding to your Platform and Click Save.
  • Now Your website opens as www.example.com.

Conclusion :

If you might have noticed any Doubts.Drop them as Your comments.

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